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Re: Desktop device icons in KDE 3.1

On Mon 30 Dec 2002 22:43, Jarno Elonen wrote:
> > Right-click the icon in question and select properties. This should open
> > a properties window for the device. You will need to find where the
> > device is selected and fix it to match your entries in /etc/fstab. In
> > 2.2.2 the Device is in the third tab in the window and there is a
> > combo-box that is tied to /etc/fstab allready giving you every option
> > there.
> No such thing here, see the screenshot. (The other tab just contains the
> usual file permission settings.) If I try edit the input box, it's "only
> root can do that" again. Do you know a manual way to edit these?
Sorry, I've no experience with KDE3.1. It does look like it's been automated 
in some way. Hopefully someone else on the list can help you.
> (I begin to suspect that it's fully automatic - and buggy - now, damn..)
> - Jarno

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