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Font problems with kde3.1

  I've got installed the kde3.1 packages (since today rc5) but since
yesterday (I think) I can't use KDE because any application that uses
kdelibs  or qtlibs. The strange thing is that I can start gnome, use any
gtk or java (openoffice) application and fonts are correctly displayed
while in kde based applications no text is showed. Even more, any label
or button has an unusual length. For example, items in K-Menu make it
occupy the whole screen width as if the text was very long but there
isn't any text there!

  I thought it might be a problem with anti-aliasing but I've even tried
to remove the .kde directory and the problem persists. In fact, I've
tried the following: running as root and user mode, re-installing
kdelibs, kdebase and qtlibs, re-installing all fonts but nothing has
solved the problem!

  Has somebody a clue?

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