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Re: libarts1* and kvirc3 in kde 3.1.0+kl-1

måndagen den 9 december 2002 16.26 skrev funky soul:
> hi,
> where can i find the libarts1 packages that work with karolinas kde 3.1
> build? it seems that arts 1.1.0.kl-1 conflicts with libarts1 <<
> 1.1.0.cvs20020930-2 but my apt setup can only find libarts1 1.0.4-1 on
> ftp.kde.org and mirrors. or is there a package that replaces libarts1
> 1.1.0.kl-1?

arts 1.1.0.kl-1 is the latest. Which package conflicts with that version?

-- Karolina

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