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Re: kde-i18n-*

It was 2002-12-05 13:12 when Wolfgang Mader wrote:

> Hello,
> it makes me wonder why all kde-i18n-* debian files (sid) have the version
> number 2.2.2-3. I am using Karolinas packages.
> Is this normal.

When you look into Karolina respository you will find only kde-i18n-sv
package - other languages aren't built :( At now I have kde-i18n-pl from
3.0.4 build installed but it is missing some translations.

Except i18n I think that Karolina's KDE 3.1 packages are great - upgrade
from 3.0.4 (from kde.org mirror) to her 3.0.98 needed some work to
install (some packages has files from other packages but --force-overwrite
helps) and upgrade to 3.1.0+kl was much easier (only one package needed to
be force-overwrite).

Marcin 'Szczepan|Hrw' Juszkiewicz
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