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Miscellaneous issues


 I've rtfa'd, but can't find much info on these issues that are
 currently confusing / annoying me.  I'm using kde 3.0.3 debs,
 with a mostly sarge, partly sid, system.  Kernel 2.4.19 (custom),
 and using KDE natively on XFree 4 as well as via VNC.  Mostly
 I work around problems I find, but building a box from scratch
 for the girlfriend recently highlighted a lot of things I'd never
 noticed before.  I'm hoping someone can help with at least
 one of these.  :)

 Multiple X consoles.  I made the changes in /etc/kde3/kdm/Xservers
 file, and set it up for three consoles.  When a user logs in and then
 selects Logout/Shutdown, the machine hangs .. *until* I Ctrl-Alt-F?
 to another kdm-controlled X console, which then partly starts up,
 and lets the machine shut down.  Weird.  Can I make kdm properly
 start all three kdm login screens at boot?  (It only seems to start
 the X server, showing the NVidia splash screen, when you switch
 to a different console.)  And, of course, sometimes the whole console
 just refuses to talk to me after I do a shutdown or login-as-diff-user,
 but for some reason I find that kind of bug easier to deal with.

 kppp.  Never used this before, but gosh it's damned sexy.  Couldn't
 get it to connect for anything other than root, though, despite dig
 and dialout group membership.  Ended up setting suid-root on
 /usr/bin/kppp (previously suid-group (dip)).  Weird, because the
 pppd daemon was definitely spawning as root.  Tried to set the
 noauth stuff in /etc/ppp and also in kppp, but the former was
 ignored, and the latter gave an error that we didn't have perms
 to do it (unless we were root).

 CD burning.   Arson seems the best of breed, as far as aesthetics
 go, but it gets mighty confused with my ide-scsi sg0 cdrom
 device (AOpen 32x).  gcombust gets further, but it's a less
 consistent UI.  Arson's lack of data-burning functionality is
 a bit weird.   What do most Debian / KDE3 users use?  (I'd
 normally use mkiso / cdrecord in konsole, but the girly's
 not really into the CLI ... yet.  ;)

 Browsing (file).  Maybe it's an MS-ism, but opening the sub-dirs
 in the lefthand pane doesn't scroll the pane up (to reveal the bit
 that you just descended into).  Is that normal?  Configurable?

 Printing m's.  I *think* this is a KWord issue.  When printing
 to my HP LaserJet 1200, the rightspace on m's is missing, so
 every m runs into the next character.  Printing from kedit (f.e.)
 doesn't show this problem.  Anyone else seeing this?

 PDF's.  kghostview barfs on pretty much any pdf I throw at it,
 but gv copes with the same file(s), which is particularly weird.
 Anyone else seeing this with kghostview .v. gv?

 xmms-arts.  It doesn't seem to be available as a deb with kde3,
 or am I missing something obvious?  There's a several second
 delay after trying to start an mp3 file with xmms.  I installed
 the custom deb for xmms-kde, which is also damned sexy, but
 it's just a front-end so didn't affect this problem.  I'm sure there
 was an arts-output for xmms in the kde2 debs . . . (?).

 file .v. web konqing -- I'm sure I used to have the 'home' button
 configured to take me to ~ when doing file-browsing, and to take
 me to http://localhost when doing web-browsing, in earlier
 versions of the deb's for KDE.  Is this a lost feature now?

 konq-web peculiarities.  I've seen others mention some sites that
 they get bad performance on -- for me it's www.theregister.co.uk,
 which is strange because they're pretty pro-GNU/Linux.  I get
 really slow loads on what are mostly text pages, and about half
 the time I get pages devoid of text.  Do others get this with them,
 or is the problem at my end?

 home/end key mapping - on VNC this works fine, doing shift-end
 to select to end of line.  On direct console (different machine,
 same set of deb's) shift-end on the numeric keypad just shows a '1'.
 I think I saw something about this, but googling on the relevant
 keywords is less than satisfying.


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