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Customization questions

I'm new to KDE, which I installed from Karolina Lindqvist's 3.1
packages. In general I really like KDE and find it much more complete
and better integrated than Gnome, but there are a few things I haven't
yet been able to get to behave the way I want, and I wonder if I've just
missed something, or if there's a back-door way to do what I want (such
as editing a KDE conf file by hand).

- KDE Control Center just has a check box to enable key repeat; there
  are no controls for setting the initial delay or rate of repeating.
  KDE's defaults are too slow for me; I want an initial delay of 250 ms,
  followed by about 30 repeats per second. Is there a way to do this
  within KDE, or do I have to run kbdrate from a session startup script?
  (Speaking of which: Is there a KDE-specific per-user session startup

- Can Konquerer be made to use the side buttons on a Microsoft
  Intellimouse to go back and forwards in the browser history? The
  "Configure Shortcuts" dialog box seems to be only for keyboard

- Can a different screen saver be chosen randomly each time? It seems
  that in the Control Center only one can be selected.

- With KDM, what is the best place to put system-wide X initialization
  such as xmodmap settings?



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