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Re: flash (again?)

Marcos Dione wrote:

>   hi you all. this must be the most asked question, but so far I got
> no empirical answer. and it is: what should I do to get the ^%#^#
> falsh player (whichever it should be) to work? I have sid and kde from
> cvs (every monday). I tried to use the flash players in debian (ok,
> actually swf-player) and even macromedia's flash 5 plugin. now I
> discovered flashplayer-mozilla and I'll try it, but just in case it
> doesn't work either... could you gimme some tips?

Do you have your file associations set up correctly? Go to 
control-centre->file browsing->file associations. Check that you have an 
entry for applications/futuresplash. You want filename pattern *.spl on the 
general tab and  the "netscape plugin viewer" service listed on the embedding 
tab. Do the same for applications/x-shockwave-flash, filename pattern *.swf


Simon Hepburn.

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