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Re: kaplan

Le Dimanche 8 Décembre 2002 22:35, Tom Badran a écrit :
> Using karolinas 3.1 debs, is it possible to get kaplan to do anything? When
> i run it it just returns to the konsole, and --help gives no indication
> that there are any options i can pass to it. Ive seen some screen shots of
> it running and it seems quite nice, any ideas?
> Thanks
> Tom
To my knowledge. Kaplan in 3.1 is just a framework, a proof of concept but it 
doesn't really 'work'.
In CVS there is a heavy activity around KMail to merge in HEAD the 
enhancements of the Kroupware project and of Don Sanders Make-it-cool branch 
(the Kaplan stuff). 
For the time being, it looks a bit broken but maybe in a few weeks you could 
try to compile.


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