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Re: KMail Question RE: Opening Pictures

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002 19:49, Tom Badran wrote:
> On Friday 20 Dec 2002 11:57 am, Robert Tilley wrote:
> > When I double-click a jpeg picture in KMail, a dialog pops up asking if I
> > want to Save it, Open it, or Cancel.
> >
> > Is there a way to set a preference so that all .jpg extensions are
> > automatically open with Kuickshow, avoiding the dialog?
> KMail is designed so it can never be set to automatically open attachments
> for security reason, regardless of their type. However it _should_ be
> inlining pictures where they are included as attachments. You may need to
> set to view as html for this (if you turn of load external references, this
> should not cause any security concern).

How is inlining a picture any safer than displaying a picture with kview?

If KDE actually executed applications rather than using a fork/dlopen hack to 
make loading marginally faster then I could setup SE Linux to use different 
security domains for some programs to increase security.

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