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Re: Miscellaneous issues

On Monday 09 December 2002 05:04 am, jedd wrote:
>  Howdi,
>  I've rtfa'd, but can't find much info on these issues that are
>  currently confusing / annoying me.  I'm using kde 3.0.3 debs,
>  with a mostly sarge, partly sid, system.  Kernel 2.4.19 (custom),
>  and using KDE natively on XFree 4 as well as via VNC.  Mostly
>  I work around problems I find, but building a box from scratch
>  for the girlfriend recently highlighted a lot of things I'd never
>  noticed before.  I'm hoping someone can help with at least
>  one of these.  :)

I'm not up on all of these, but I'll help where I can.

>  CD burning.   Arson seems the best of breed, as far as aesthetics
>  go, but it gets mighty confused with my ide-scsi sg0 cdrom
>  device (AOpen 32x).  gcombust gets further, but it's a less
>  consistent UI.  Arson's lack of data-burning functionality is
>  a bit weird.   What do most Debian / KDE3 users use?  (I'd
>  normally use mkiso / cdrecord in konsole, but the girly's
>  not really into the CLI ... yet.  ;)

I used gcombust for a long time, and it worked great.  I'm now using k3b, 
which is the first KDE-based cd burner app that works as well.  I am now 
using 3.1, so I can't tell you how k3b will work for you, but gcombust is 
fine (confused yet?).

>  Browsing (file).  Maybe it's an MS-ism, but opening the sub-dirs
>  in the lefthand pane doesn't scroll the pane up (to reveal the bit
>  that you just descended into).  Is that normal?  Configurable?

It took me a little while to figure out what you were talking about.  I do not 
think that is configurable.  I guess I'm used to using the scroll-wheel to 
move it down, and I don't use Windows so I can't tell you what the MS-ism is 

>  Printing m's.  I *think* this is a KWord issue.  When printing
>  to my HP LaserJet 1200, the rightspace on m's is missing, so
>  every m runs into the next character.  Printing from kedit (f.e.)
>  doesn't show this problem.  Anyone else seeing this?

Using the same font? Any font?  What happens if you print to a pdf, then use 
kprinter to print the pdf?

>  PDF's.  kghostview barfs on pretty much any pdf I throw at it,
>  but gv copes with the same file(s), which is particularly weird.
>  Anyone else seeing this with kghostview .v. gv?

I have vague recollections of this being a problem with those packages.  
Search the list archives for kghostview, to see what the fix was (there was a 

>  xmms-arts.  It doesn't seem to be available as a deb with kde3,
>  or am I missing something obvious?  There's a several second
>  delay after trying to start an mp3 file with xmms.  I installed
>  the custom deb for xmms-kde, which is also damned sexy, but
>  it's just a front-end so didn't affect this problem.  I'm sure there
>  was an arts-output for xmms in the kde2 debs . . . (?).

The solution for this is to set your artsd timeout to something very low (or 
turn it off, if you don't use noatun/kaboodle), and the use the OSS output 
for xmms.  At least I've never had anything but problems with the arts output 
for xmms.  On the other hand, I now use noatun exclusively, so maybe its 
improved in the meantime.

>  file .v. web konqing -- I'm sure I used to have the 'home' button
>  configured to take me to ~ when doing file-browsing, and to take
>  me to http://localhost when doing web-browsing, in earlier
>  versions of the deb's for KDE.  Is this a lost feature now?

Hrm, I'd never figured out how to do that (set seperate homes).  So to me it's 
a "never had" feature :-)

>  konq-web peculiarities.  I've seen others mention some sites that
>  they get bad performance on -- for me it's www.theregister.co.uk,
>  which is strange because they're pretty pro-GNU/Linux.  I get
>  really slow loads on what are mostly text pages, and about half
>  the time I get pages devoid of text.  Do others get this with them,
>  or is the problem at my end?

This may be the ip6 problem that was bandied about here a little while ago.  
You'd probably be best served again by checking the archives for the various 

>  home/end key mapping - on VNC this works fine, doing shift-end
>  to select to end of line.  On direct console (different machine,
>  same set of deb's) shift-end on the numeric keypad just shows a '1'.
>  I think I saw something about this, but googling on the relevant
>  keywords is less than satisfying.

I don't actually know what you're talking about here.  In bash? In a text 
editor?  I get 1 if my num-lock isn't on, but a capital F in bash, and the 
"select to end of line" behavior in KMail's composer if it is.  I mean, I 
feel dumb for suggesting it, but did you check your numlock?

Hope that helps.


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