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Re: Desktop device icons in KDE 3.1

On Monday 30 December 2002 02:43 pm, Jarno Elonen wrote:
> I noticed that KDE 3.1 now has optional device mount icons on the desktop.
> Unfortunately, they don't work, at least on my system. For example,
> CD-ROM's properties say...
>   Name: devcdromcdrom
>   Location: / (devices)
> ...which obviously is not correct. If I choose "mount" from the menu, a
> popup window says "Only root can do that". I can mount the cdrom without
> root privileges from terminal, so I guess KDE just tries to mount a wrong
> path.

On my system I have three of those device mount icons and they all work even 
though they all say `Location: / (devices)'. From comparing the properties of 
yours with mine, it seems that the name is derived from the path. My cdrom 
name reads `devcdrommntcdrom' and the path for my cdrom is /mnt/cdrom. Is the 
mount point for your cdrom at /cdrom? The config file for the paths seems to 
be at ~/.kde/share/config/kdfrc

Chris Thiel

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