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Re: Debian KDE maintainer burnout??? (was: Warning)

On Tue 31 Dec 2002 17:06, Brad Felmey wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 22:36, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > This is an insult to Chris and everyone else working on KDE.
> I don't see it that way at all. Chris has 1,001 reasons why there's no
> packages available, while all around others are accomplishing it.

Personally, I think Chris, Daniel, Ben and all the others have done GREAT 
work! Chris has made his reasons clear and I applaud him for not poluting the 
Debian directories with many in-compatible versions.

Of course Others have provided various stop-gap measures to provide some 
semblance of KDE3 to those who really want it and are willing to take the 
hits that go with the teritory.

Unfortunately, this is starting to sound like the same arguements that came 
up when imlib broke KDE2.x and Ivan realized that maintaining KDE was taking 
away too much of his time.

Of course now we have a slightly different situation. There are many people 
working together to see the KDE3.1 and GCC3.2 merge into Debian with minimal 
trouble. In addition, we have others working to provide various intermedeate 
versions of KDE3.x based on whatever GCC is currently available.

For myself, I have decided NOT to follow either set of KDE packages and live 
with KDE2.2.2 I was bitten several times during the last major upgrade and 
don't understand the Debian way of building enough to get myself out of 
trouble, therefore I just wait until it's official before I upgrade.

Having said that, I still think EVERYONE deserves many thanks for the work 
they have put in. Both Chris's team working on the official packages, and the 
people working on hte not-so-official packages! Both efforts are enormous. 
Thank you to everyone!

Myself, I'm working up my courage to re-build my system from scratch once the 
KDE3.1 sources are released. Call my crazy, call me a masochist, just don't 
call me late for dinner ;-)

Thank you to everyone and have a Happy New Year!


	John Gay

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