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Re: woody deb's for 3.1 branch.....

On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 02:15:31AM +0100, Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Ouch, yes. So the only solution is - removing kuickshow from the packages list 
> together with the imlib dependency..:-(
> > > [...] so kdegraphics will build.
> >
> > Isn't kuickshow the only component needing imlib?
> > If that's right, I wouldn't mind not having it within the KDE 3.1 packages
> > -just like before in KDE 3.0. Maybe it's possible to get kuickshow linked
> > statically, if someone misses kuickshow much?
> Well, I'll see what we can do about kuickshow. I'll exclude it from the build 
> together with the dependency on woody; and there's always kview avaialble.
> Carsten, do you have any idea about how to avoid this libpng problem by not 
> using imlib ? :-)

HUH. I thought this problem was solved long ago by providing another Imlib 
package, linked against libpng3?

Statically linking Imlib might be another option indeed. KView is not a
replacement for KuickShow.

Carsten Pfeiffer

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