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Re: Vim Component

Op vrijdag 27 december 2002 15:19, schreef Albert Cervera Areny:
> Has somebody been able to use Vim as its default embedded text editor?
> Which vim version should I use? I've tried it with the vim package
> (6.1-266+1 in unstable) but it lacks client-server support. Kvim isn't
> available in karolina's debs I believe... and gvim is a symlink to vim. any
> ideas?

Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://ers.linuxforum.hu/kde3deb/ ./

	Casper Gielen
CAPSLOCK2000@zvdk.nl, capslock2000@subdimension.com
Linux sucks twice as fast and 10 times more reliably,
and since you have the source, it's your fault. -Ca1v1n 

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