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Re: GCC 3.2 migration

tisdagen den 3 december 2002 23.48 skrev Craig Dickson:

> Will the upgrade from Karolina Lindqvist's current RC2 packages to your
> gcc 2.95 KDE 3.1-final packages go smoothly, do you think, or would it
> be advisable to remove all of the Lindqvist packages before installing
> yours?

They should be removed, particularly if the transition to GCC 3.2 will happen, 
since it will give incompatibilities. The new 3.1.0 packages has to be 
removed, since I intentionally gave it a version number that as greater than 
what will be released, just so that the GCC 3.2 compiled packages will not 
replace them by mistake. So the way is to remove all references to my 
packages in sources.list, remove all of my packages, and then install KDE3 
from SID.
Then, if you used any other KDE3 application, just sit and wait for the 
official maintainer to add it to SID.

-- Karolina

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