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Re: Debian KDE maintainer burnout??? (was: Warning)

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:56, Mark Purcell wrote:
> I would just like to publically thank you for the work you have done with
> the KDE3 branch and your Debian packages. Your efforts in putting together
> the Debian KDE 3 packages has been greatly appreciated by many Debian users
> who would otherwise not be able to access the KDE3 environment.

I'd like to second that.  Let me assure those of you who just install .deb's 
of KDE, you have no idea how hard it is to package KDE until you try it.

> I have made some suggestions in the past about creating a 'staging ground'
> for KDE3 packages (using the experimental distribution).  A place were the
> full resources of Debian can be applied to the inclusion and development of
> a stable KDE.

Some people are currently working on such things.  Brian May is doing some 
work on setting things up to have your own private "pools" setup for 
stable/testing/unstable distributions.

The Debian BTS package may need some work, last time I tried setting up my own 
private BTS it was simply too difficult and I didn't have time to get it 

> KDE 3.0 was released nine months ago, there has been extensive effort
> expended in the generation of Debian packages, but all of this effort has
> been constrained to preclude the full resources of Debian to the
> development of KDE3. The net result has been that KDE2.2 remains the
> officially supported version in Debian GNU/Linux.

KDE 2.2 still works quite well.  My parents are still happily using KDE 2.2 
and I'm quite glad of it.  I don't want to upgrade their machine until KDE 
reaches the usual Debian level of stability.  This GCC 3.2 issue is something 
that could be really painful.  As long as it's not too long then delaying the 
introduction of the next version of KDE so it can use GCC 3.2 is probably a 
good thing.

> I for one, and I'm sure there would be many others in the Debian community,
> would be happy for either or both of you to become the official Debian
> maintainers for KDE.  Goodness knows you have been doing that job in a
> defacto capacity for a number of months...

Let's not try to start a turf war here.  There's enough KDE packaging work to 
go around.  I'm sure that both Ralf and Karolina could each be given enough 
packages to keep them busy while still leaving the current KDE maintainers 
with enough work to do.

> If you get nothing else out this this message, please accept my thanks for
> your efforts, but surely as a Debian community we can do better..

Yes, we are constantly improving things.  Brian's work is helping to alleviate 
such situations in future.  Other people are also working on things that will 
partially solve such problems.

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