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Re: kde debs from Karolina

Install kde-i18n-de.


On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 03:51:35AM +0100, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> hallo,
> today I have installed kde3 with the debs from Karolina. Therefore my 
> kdeversion is now 3.0.98-1 - very nice.
> But there is a problem. My environment is set to german and the locales are 
> also set to de_DE@euro als default but kde partly speaks enlish. This 
> apperars not in kde 3.0.4 from ftp.kde.org. I can not image that a later 
> version should be less translatet that an older one. So I must have made a 
> mistace. Can someone goes what to do?
> thil then - have fun
> wolfgang mader

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