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Re: Fwd: Konqueror Shortcuts ???

On Tuesday 10 December 2002 02:23, Craig Dickson wrote:
> Greg James wrote:
> > As you can now browse the web with all your windows tabulated under
> > 1 konqueror window i tried to configure the shortcut to open a link
> > in a new tab to be like operas default shortcut
> > (SHIFT+LeftMouseClick) which is very comfortable, or to even be the
> > middle mouse button but there seems to be no way to be able to
> > configure any mouse button to be a shortcut ?!!? Anyone know if
> > this is possible or im i stuck with the old right click, select
> > from menu style of opening links in new tabs ???
> Hmm? Middle click opens a link in a new tab for me (using Konqueror
> 3.1 from Karolina's debs).
> Craig

Its configurable somewhere on the menu.  I don't have my 3.1 chroot 
running now, but from ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc:
Otherwise ctrl + MMB click should open them in tab as well.
all the best,

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