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Re: Building debs from CVS

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On Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2002 18:41, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Now after I've got a faster machine it's become realistic to build KDE
> packages from CVS myself. I don't understand, though, how to do it.
> Actually, the building itself boils down to debuild. What concerns me
> are build dependencies among the packages.
> Building qt-copy is no problem, as it depends on no other KDE package.
> arts depends on qt-copy, but I really don't want to install the newly
> compiled qt packages before I have build packages for everything else.
> So, is it possible, only for the purpose of building, to install
> packages in some non-standard location where they can be (directed to
> be) found when building dependend packages?

Set up a system with debootstrap and chroot into it for building. Do 
installing there when needed for building packages. Basically it comes down 
to the following order:

1. qt-copy
2. arts
3. kdelibs
Then everything else. Only kdeaddons is depending on kdemultimedia-dev and 
libkonq4-dev, which means you need kdemultimedia and kdebase installed.

Beware of installing kdebase packages completely. If you're installing kdm 
with dpkg -i it will start another kdm automatically even inside your chroot 
system which will basically force you to kill it. so just install everything 
from kdebase without kdm to avoid problems.


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