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Re: kpilot and kalendar/kab conduits

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Am Donnerstag, 14. November 2002 02:09 schrieb Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper:
> I'm just curious, is anyone using kpilot and its conduits for
> kalendar/kab with recent builds of kde?  I stopped looking at using this
> as an option a LONG time ago, as it was always marked as alpha-quality,
> and seems to still be so, and never actually worked for me.

I'm using the kpilot conduits of kde 3.1 heavily, and for me they work really 
well. There are some minor bugs in the release candidates, but I will 
backport the fixes so the 3.1 release should have most of them fixed.

> What I'm looking for is the same type of functionality that evolution
> offers, in that I need some piece of software that will sync with my
> palm pilot (IIIc), and sync in both directions with an address book and
> a calendar manager.  

KPilot is now in a state that should be able to achieve this (If not, file a 
bug report, I'm developer/maintainer of the calendar, addressbook and several 
other conduits.) 

> Is anyone using this combination successfully now?  Is there hope for
> the near future that this will work as well as evolution does now?

Actually the one time I tried it, gnome-pilot messed up my calendar on the 


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