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Re: kmail no longer setting message-ID?

On Sat 28 Dec 2002 00:01, you wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 08:05:28PM +0000, John Gay scrawled:
> > Thanks for the info. I found it, but as you say, it should be the MTA's
> > responsibility not mine.
> Right - the first MTA it hits. Not Debian's, not XFree86's.
That's how I understood it.

> > This is probably not my ISP since they don't seem to set it either. The
> > mails that go to xpert are ID'd by xfree86.org. I'm guessing that
> > somewhere in hte Debian mail servers this is being set, so the problem is
> > probably theirs.
> Ummm, no. The problem is that the first MTA it hits isn't setting the
> Message-ID. The SMTP server KMail communicates with, should set it. It's
> not murphy's responsibility. Your ISP *DOES* need to set it.
Yes, I understand that the First MTA should have set it. I thought he was 
saying that murphy.debian.org was a problem, in which case 'that' problem was 
probably somewhere in the Debian area. I still got onto my own ISP for their 
'not' setting message-ID since they are the First MTA I hit.

> > I'll get onto them. I know that several of the admin's for them hang out
> > on a mailing list I'm part of, so that should help.
> Speak to your ISP, tell them to make your mail server set a Message-ID
> if there's none already.

That was what I meant. I wrote this paragraph before writing the one above 
it. It was only after sending that I realised it didn't read properly.

I have contacted my ISP and asked them to fix their mail server, but they say 
that I should be setting it in kmail? Judging from the many replies this has 
generated, it seems this is not as black-N-white as I thought. I'll watch 
this space for a little while before doing anything else about this.

	John Gay

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