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Problem with LinuxToday and Konqueror

Over the last couple of days I have suddenly started having Konquror segfault
on me when I go into the summary page for a story on LinuxToday.  I can
bring up the initial page with the list of all the stories, but as when I 
click on the story it starts to display the summary but then it crashes
so horribly that it can not even display a backtrace.

I have this both on a testing machine, and on my unstable machine, both
of which are fully up to date.

On one occasion I managed to get a backtrace, and the problem seemed to
be Javascript related.  Turning off Javascript support (on the unstable
machine, I have not tried the testing machine) does indeed stop the 

Any ideas as to how to debug Konqueror when the backtrace fails?


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