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Re: kdevelop 2.1.4 build problem

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On Monday 09 December 2002 6:23 pm, Paolo Ulivi wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 11:24:38PM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > I am trying to build kdevelop 2.1.4 debs from the release tar ball. (To
> > go with my gcc-3.2 compiled kde 3.1-rc debs).
> So, IMMO it's better to build KDE3 using gcc 2.95 right now, and wait
> for the gcc's transition to start and the maintainers to update their
> debian dirs accordingly.

Actually I have already spent a couple of weeks compiling kde with gcc-3.2 and 
have had it installed for a while now.

It started as an exercise to learn how to build debs, but, as is the way of 
these things, it all became a bit of a trial.  First I was doing it on a 
debian/sarge machine but discovered I had build dependencies on packages in 
unstable (so I have ended up building a complete debian unstable 
configuration inside a chroot environment on this machine so as not to 
disturb its operation).  Then I had to wrestle with libxml that failed 
(2.4.24 was apparently ok - but by then I had already upgraded to a later 
release so it wasn't unitl 2.4.28 that it worked again), various dependancies 
on automake, but needing automake1.5, and a problem I discovered today when I 
started to rebuild from the rc5 tarballs (libdb2-dev is a dependency for 
kdelibs - but at least another package I build must have required a 
dependency on libdb3-dev because that is installed in my chroot environment.

I thought that gcc might also help kde apps to start faster - but that might 
not be true.

Anyway, I think it is too late to revert now - I don't intend to do much more 
as I expect the real 3.1 packages to come fairly soon now anyway.


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Alan Chandler
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