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Re: Customization questions

Karolina Lindqvist wrote:

> konsole has the --ls option; from man konsole:
>  --ls   Start with a login shell  environment.  What  that  does  varies
>               depending on your system, but generally it means that files such
>               as ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile will be read. (If that  doesn't
>               mean anything to you, don't worry about it, but keep in the back
>               of your mind for when you realize you need it.)
> Maybe that options does what you want?

Okay, I guess I was just looking in the configuration GUI. I guess I
could add --ls to the command line for the Konsole button. Thanks for
the tip.

I still like the idea of a per-user KDE init script, though. Sourcing
.bash_profile at that point ensures (well, almost) that any shell
spawned by any app in the session will have my environment settings.
It's also a good time to do any per-user X configuration that might be
desired (e.g. xmodmap stuff).


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