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Kappfinder (- K Menu Issues...)

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Mika Fischer wrote:
> On Saturday 28 December 2002 22:41, Doug Holland wrote:
> > I just apt-get updated my system today, which fetched a bunch of fresh KDE
> > packages from http://wh9.tu-dresden.de/kde3/karolina, and now I noticed
> > many of the items in my K menu are now gone.  Specifically, the Debian
> > menus are now missing, which contained all sorts of stuff.
> >
> > Is there any easy way to get them back?
> # chmod 755 /etc/kde3/debian/kd[me]-update-menu.sh
> # update-menus
> helped for me.

I tried linking /var/lib/kde/menu into

Kappfinder is a little fragile: it doesn't like new directories in its
apps dir, puts the contents into the toplevel; crashes (with multiple
subdirs, too many toplevel entries, missing elements?).

What do the rest of you think of using Kappfinder to incorporate the
Debian menus into KDE?

How about adding in an "Administrator" button to allow cut, copy,
paste and basic editing (Name, GenericName/Comment, Exec) within
the kappfinder/apps dir?

I'm thinking here instead of the menu editor because Kappfinder sits
on the boundry of Debian, non-KDE, and KDE...  a powerful position
that is not being fully utilized, yet?

- Bruce

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