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KPrint prefs corruption

I have Sid with KDE 3.0.4, CUPS, and lp, printing to a
Deskjet 1120c

I've noticed a couple of problems, possibly related.

(1) When I go to Preferences | System | Printing Manager,
and click on my HP Deskjet printer, then click on "Instances",
and then click on one of the instances, and finally "settings"
possible setups, I cannot edit the parameters of the settings.
It ignores the click.  The only time I can edit this is right after
I have created it as a new instance.   Therefore, to edit I have
to go to the instance, delete it, and then create a new one.

(2) My instances seem to regularly corrupt.  Essentially,
the Deskjet 1120c can handle 600 dpi greyscale, or 300 dpi color.
If I try to print at 600 dpi color, then I get a junk page.  So
far, so good -- I set my instances accordingly.  But every so
often, almost regularly, my 600 dpi greyscale setting corrupts
to 600 dpi color, producing junk.  I then have to go and delete
the instance, etc., etc., etc.

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