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Re: KDE and Mozilla 1.2

This is the standard Mozilla behavior. It has always acted this way.
Just push Ctrl+N for a new window.

Only Konq will lauch into a new process if you click its icon with
another instance already in the memory.

Whether this is desirable or not is another question.

--- "Anders E. Andersen" <andersa@fys.ku.dk> wrote:
> Hi there.. Sorry if this seems a bit off topic but I'm having
> rather big 
> difficulties with the new Mozilla1.2 from unstable.
> Most annoyingly when I click the panel buttons to start one of the 
> components of mozilla and I already have one of the components open
> then 
> mozilla refuses to open the new component saying the profile is in
> use.
> I am using KDE 3.0.4
> Is anyone else seeing this?
> Anders
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