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Re: Warning

On Monday 30 December 2002 at 7:09 am, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:
> I updated to latest debian "unstable" level, and my KDE does not work
> anymore. These break-everything debian updates makes me kind of tired
> sometimes.

Karolina, I used to feel that way ... probably before you made the KDE
3.x debs available for Unstable (Thanks very much again) but I have
switched to running Unstable as my main system as it has been
 remarkably stable for the past year or so.  Yes occasionally it will
 break (last one for me was the libfontconfig1_2.1-7 problem) but that
 is truly the nature of the beast.   I have found , #Debian and
 #Debian-kde on irc to be excellent sources of fixes for any berserker
 behavior of Debian upgrades.

> Anyway, I started the X server separately from KDE, and then it
> works. But now I get the default X cursor instead of the arrow. It
> appears that xsetroot does not accept the -solid #C0C0C0 option like
> it used to.
> There are also other problems, since "startx" gets hung in "ksplash"
> without updating the screen to anything.

I can't help with those problems although ksplash hang usually is a
missing kde component and that shouldn't happen with you should it?

> I really don't know what is updated that breaks everything, and don't
> feel I want to bother with it right now.

I am running unstable and your KDE 3.01RC5 debs (from dresden) and I
am running AOK. (This is the second time this week I've posted this.)
I run apt-update probably 2-3 times a day.  I also apt-get -f install
usually when files are not automatically installed.  I do so with out
fear for two reasons:

1. If SID KDE 3.1 breaks, I have a configured working Afsterstep
 session 2. If SID Debian breaks, I have a backup partition running
 Woody which now is also running KDE 3.1 from Ralph (Thanks Ralph).

Finally if both my Debian partitions break (both Woody and SID)  I have
OS/2, Win98, RedHat partitions to fall back on.

> Other builds of KDE3 are out

True enough - But once you have run a Keramiked 3.1 KDE, you don't want
to go back.  And your deb's are pretty much the only choice for us
unstable users (with computers not fast enough to compile!)

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