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Re: libc6/java (was Re: dialy wine: for woody?

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Derek Broughton wrote:

> > Btw. I've just upgraded libc6 from stable to unstable:
> >
> > tpo@petertosh:~$ dpkg -s libc6 |grep Version Version: 2.3.1-8
> I'm still on 2.3.1-5, so trying the latest version is probably simpler
> than downgrading.  But I think I'll still wait for high-speed access.


I did:

# apt-get install libc6 ... ; shutdown -h now	# along with an update to kde3.0.5a

and went to sleep ;-)

> > tpo@petertosh:~/src/_java$ dpkg -s j2sdk1.3|grep Version Version:
> > 1.3.1-1
> >
> Clever, that one - the JDK isn't a 'debian' package - where do you get
> it?  I'm running j2sdk1.4 from Sun, and would like to keep using 1.4,
> but I'd be interested in anything that's available pre-packaged.

deb http://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/ftp/mirror/java-linux/debian woody non-free

It's a blackdown mirror. I guess you should be able to find java sources
on apt-get.org.

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