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Re: broken packages for 3.1

söndagen den 15 december 2002 10.08 skrev Greg Cockburn:
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> Hi,
> have just grabbed the packages from Karolina for kde3.1 from here:
> http://wh9.tu-dresden.de/kde3/karolina/
> linked off here:
> http://mypage.bluewin.ch/kde3-debian/
> I have a couple of probs with the packages:
> Menus are named "No text!" in kmail and konqueror has double up menu items
> and double icons.
> (see links)
> http://www.performancemagic.com/~greg/kde/kmail_menu_probs.png
> http://www.performancemagic.com/~greg/kde/konq_menu_probs.png
> Am running unstable deb (updated late last week). Am not sure who is the
> package maintainer, or how to report bugs in 3rd party packages.
> Can someone please help on contacting the correct people.

It is my packaging (quite logically isn't it?)

This particular problem appears to creep up every now and then. I fixed it a 
long time ago. Why does it reoccur?

There should be a link 
	/usr/share/config -> /etc/kde3/
installed by the package libkdecore-data
And there should be the file
installed by libkdeui-data.  It should have size 5607

I can only suspect either that I have left holes, so that old KDE packages can 
remain on the system, or that the debian package system does not always 
update all files that it should.

Make sure that apt-get does not complain, meaining that a "apt-get -f install" 
does nothing. Sometimes it is possible to muck up the package database with 
dpkg. If apt-get does not complain, and you still have the problem, you can 
send me a "dpkg -l" list, if you want to, since I would like to see what 
packages are installed on a non-working system.

-- Karolina

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