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Re: Woody debs of the KDE_3_1_BRANCH available

aptitude complains that it cannot find a Packages file, and I can't see one 
when I browsed the address you gave. Did it go missing?


On December 28, 2002 07:14 am, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Hi,
> I've build a set of woody debs (that's moving to the release) from the
> KDE_3_1_BRANCH which will be merged into RC6 I think. Included in this
> build are backports of directfb, xine-lib and xine-ui from unstable; all
> version numbers in the revision lower so you can update to sid if you like.
> Packages file is included, so a deb line like:
> deb http://ktown.kde.org/~nolden/kde-3.1-branch/woody ./
> should work for you.
> The checkout is from yesterday (Dec 27). If you like me to add third-party
> KDE debs, speak up :-)

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