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[no subject] ANNOUNCE: Freeside 1.3.1 Apache - SIGSEGV but no core dumps. AT&T public router Backup-request bandwidth bridging firewall capacities ccbill CGI Errors Check NIC for speed and promisc mode Re: colocation space/inexpensive bandwidth COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:- The World's Cheapest Sun Cobalt RaQ4 Servers are here in Australia - au$99 / US$49 / GBP 35 - per month Courier and maildirquota custom install kernel woes disk partition schemes DNS and FTP servers Re: E-Mail scanners Re: Finding the Bottleneck Re: Finding the Bottleneck (nearly there!) Re: firewall question... Hard disk lock down. Re: Have you been hacked by f*ck PoizonBOx? HDD Help needed on MASQUERADE Image disk for debian Re: Installing 2.2 on a large memory system. Installing Perl modules on Debian ISDN KVM via Internet? Linux on distro on CD local users bypassing traffic shaper lock down Re: Maildir vs mbox MTA - MLM - DNS configuration question Re: Multiple DSLs, and switching incoming route upon failure? Multiple Uplinks Network Design non-root postfix admin; sudo -vs- super not to start a firestorm but off site assistance one mail server, several domains PB compiling php-4.0.5 whith-mysql on a debian box per host bandwidth limit Perl 5.6 & Potato Perl DBD driver vor Sybase/MS SQL Server? Per-virtualhost bandwidth usage monitoring ? Re: Ping - what the hell ? Postfix and domain Postfix / LDAP Packages Postfix sample problem postfix + sasl + pam pptp VPN masqarading privileges problem Qmail - huge performance increase Recommended X.21 Cards ? redundancy via DNS Remote Resue Disk Reverse name lookup mess Re: routing routable IPs over non-routable IPs SASL + MD5 Sendmail Re: sendmail sendmail on SMPT AUTH with SASL Sendmail vs. ? Re: Sendmail (Was: your mail) slurpd doesn't work: Directory is not writable smbclient question. smtp mysql solution SNMPD bug ? Re: TCP connection problem. user privileges with php (like with suexec) users bypassing shaper limitation Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it? Virtual Domains & LDAP Re[2]: Virus scanners WAN Adapters...Wan in general Webmail - considerations... Re: What Happened to ORBS What Happened to ORBS? What is the DUL? Zmailer issues Re: Zmailer question. The last update was on 14:38 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 345 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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