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Re: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

Felipe Alvarez Harnecker wrote:

> Then, keep it simple.

 I agree. The simpliest way is to have the user's email address be their

> # adduser someuniqueid

 Using Cyrus, why would I need to "add" a physical user to the system? Is
there something I am missing here?

> cyradm> cm user.someuniqueid
> map john@doe.com -> someuniqueid

 That's not as simple as it seems. Unique IDs have to be unique (therefore a
mechanism that allows you to check the uniqueness of the ID). Note that one
would have to come up with such a mechanism for email addresses as well but
since it's already present.

 The problem is the following: Users want to login using their email
address. Not unique ID a la compuserve, not john~example-com and other
barbarian means. Just their email address and a password. I don't like any
more than you do but that's what I have to come up with.

Regards and thanks for the input.

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