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Re: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

>  >  Using Cyrus, why would I need to "add" a physical user to the system? Is
>  > there something I am missing here?
> You need some sort of authentication, the simplest is /etc/passwd

 I strongly disagree. The whole purpose of using Cyrus was (for me at least)
the ability to check username/password combination using a mechanism that
was not /etc/passwd. I use SASL for that sole purpose.

>  >  The problem is the following: Users want to login using their email
>  > address. Not unique ID a la compuserve, not john~example-com and other
>  > barbarian means. Just their email address and a password. I don't like any
>  > more than you do but that's what I have to come up with.
> Here you are right, if you want your users to login using the email
> address you'd better go with LDAP or *sql . The real problem is
> authentication, the rest is sht.

 LDAP or *sql would only hold the data. The translation (if any) would still
need to be done by Cyrus (or Postfix I am not 100% sure). Can you elaborate
a little, I am not sure I completly understand.


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