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Hello All,
   I am using PSI as my backbone provider and, in case you haven't
heard, they have filed Chapter 11. Service is fine and I don't believe
they are going to do a Northpoint because they have been very up-front
with everything (including an advance e-mail and phone call to warn
about the bankruptcy filing) but better safe than sorry.
  I can't just use another provider because I have a contract until
November with PSI and it takes about 90 days to set up a new line
  I'm wondering if any of you fellow ISPs would be willing to co-locate
(for a fee of course) a Web server temporarily should the worst happen.
My thought is to FedEx a complete machine that just needs to be plugged
into your Network which means that I need someone in the states.
  If you are interested, please email me (off the list is probably best
since everyone probably doesn't want to read this thread) to work out
the details.

ELB Internet Services, Inc.
Web Design, Computer Consulting, Internet Hosting

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