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colocation space/inexpensive bandwidth

Since we're on the topic of colocation space this morning, I thought I would
post and ask if anyone has colocation cabinet space available at a Level(3)
or similar facility.  Currently we colocate with a small ISP and are very
happy with their service, but we would like to be able to offer better
pricing to our customers.  However, when last I spoke with L(3) sales folks,
their cabinets were 1000$/mo, with an added 2000$/mo minimum expenditure on
bandwidth/private line services per cabinet.  This is too much for us, but
if someone has a few U available someplace that prices bandwidth in the
400$/Mbit or less range, I would be very interested in consuming that extra
space (for a fee, of course) and taking advantage of your bandwidth pricing.

Anyone near Minneapolis/Chicago/Louisville/Cincinnati would be preferable as
well, as currently we maintain our own equipment, and have no need to trust
a pair of "remote hands" to know what they are doing.  In those areas we can
continue to have this benefit.

- jsw

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