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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Duane Powers wrote:

> I'm not using 8.12 yet, although I hear it's quite a leap..
> (multi-threaded,
> no?) I guess I'm holding off until the "beta" disappears... (living my
> life
> the potato way - stable)

Yes, quite a leap, multi-queues with multiple runners per.  Finally, TLS
and AUTH can be turned on/off on a per client/server basis, plus much

Beta12 is doing quite well now, and I'm hoping to see the final version
very soon...

> I'd say documentation, I've only been around for a couple of years now,
> and while I've got the bat book, and often use sendmail.org, I find that
> it's often a challenge to find the answer to the question without a 20
> minute search.

Yeah...  check out comp.mail.sendmail - its fairly active.  Also, feel
free to send questions to sendmail@debian.org (or me directly), I'm
either fairly quick, or a week behind (depends upon real work & life &

> >   2) If you want to switch, check to see if you've got anything tricky
> >      in your rules - you *WILL* loose functionality with any other MTA
> >      (turing complete control language).  If you've a fairly genereric
> >      sendmail.mc - you're probably ok
> no, you're right, it's getting more complex...

Can I get copy of your sendmail.mc ?  I'm curious where you're headed.

> spam. spam is what is driving this topic for me. As a small company, we
> don't have
> the funds to sign up for a subscription-based filter, and the only
> information I've
> been able to find about filtering seems to require a lot of time,
> (building my own
> database of spammers) maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but why
> doesn't
> sendmail deny incoming mail when even it recognizes that the ip may
> be forged... it's probably simple... just something I thought of while
> composing this...
> or would that break an rfc?

I'll not bother to maintain a list of spammers either - a royal PITA!
You should definitely do RBL & RSS, and arguably DUL:
FEATURE(dnsbl,`blackholes.mail-abuse.org',` Mail from $&{client_addr}
rejected, see http://mail-abuse.org/cgi-bin/lookup?$&{client_addr}')dnl
FEATURE(dnsbl,`relays.mail-abuse.org',` Mail from $&{client_addr}
rejected; see http://mail-abuse.org/cgi-bin/nph-rss?$&{client_addr}')dnl
FEATURE(dnsbl,`dialups.mail-abuse.org',` Mail from dial-up rejected; see

Sendmail wont (iirc) accept mail from unresolvable hosts, and can be
configure to reject mail from those where the forward/reverse lookups
don't match...  Let me know if you'd to do that.
Rick Nelson
<Reed> It is important to note that the primary reason the Roman Empire
       fail is that they had no concept of zero... thus they could not
       test the success or failure of their C programs.

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