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Re: MTA - MLM - DNS configuration question

On Saturday 30 June 2001 04:43, Eirik Dentz wrote:
> My question is this: The DNS is under the jurisdiction of the IS
> department and the MX record @mydomain.org is set up to point at their
> email server. Does it make sense and is it possible to set up another
> MX record: @lists.mydomain.org which will point at the web server?

It is definately possible.  It makes sense to me, this is what MX records 
were designed for!

Of course you'll have to convince the IS department to change their DNS 

> I realize that it is generally a bad idea to set up your web server to
> do double duty as an email server.  Any ideas regarding at what message
> volume a mail server will have a serious negative impact on a web
> server running on the same machine would be appreciated.

If a primary duty of the web server is to manage the mailing lists then 
IMHO it makes a lot of sense to have this!

Of course this means that you have a lot of important things on one box.  
Considered a cluster arrangement of some sort?

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