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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

Greg Rowe wrote:

What do you mean departure of the rbl?  blackhole.mail-abuse.org still

I read a thread on one of the debian lists a couple weeks ago about one of the spam databases going away... a couple of days later, I started getting lots of this

daemon.log.0:Jun 21 22:18:37 ns1 named[9282]: bad referral (vix.com !< rbl.maps.vix.com) from [].53

Then if you go to www.orbs.org you get this:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the ORBS website is no longer available.

Perhaps I jumped to a wrong conclusion, or drew a link between orbs and the rbl that doesn't exist...

I have been researching MTAs for a little while trying to figure out what
I want to use instead of sendmail.  I was looking for maildir delivery,
ease of configuration, support for virtual hosting, and virtual accounts.
Exim does all of that for me quite well.  Qmail does too but I hate that
whole /var/qmail directory structure.  It isn't GPL either...  Exim also
has TONS of documentation.  I briefly looked at PostFix and it seems like
a viable alternative as well but has less docs than exim.



Duane Powers

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