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Re: Installing 2.2 on a large memory system.

Peter Billson wrote:
> >  In this case, I can't take the RAM off. I need to modify the kernel
> > contained in the boot disk (and in the basic packages I guess) so that I
> > can install the damn thing.
> >
> >  Anyone knows where I could start?
> Does passing a mem= kernel parameter on boot have any effect?

 i must admit I did not try that yet.

> And are you sure the memory is the trouble? I had an awful time with a
> Dell RAID controller.

 The PERC 2 (Power Edge Raid Controller) based on Ameritrend chips have always
been a pleasure to work with. the PERC3 on the other hand are a whole different

 I have a PERC 2. Supported by the kernel shipped with potato.


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