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Re: disk partition schemes

Hello Kevin,

> should I create a separate /var

Yes, you most definitely should. IMHO, whatever config you're going for,
logs reside in /var by default in all the linux distros I've tried

> used mostly for web-hosting
> used as an IMAP/SMTP machine

In your case, given that mail would resides by default in /var/spool -
this would be another reason to create a separate /var partition. In
fact, it wouldn't be bad to create another partition exclusive to

> don't want to a) not create a large enough partition
> b) create too large of one and waste space

Don't' worry, I learned too late that I should have completely read the
Installation Guide for suggested debian partition schemes. /var/cache is
where apt will store all the .deb files (I learned this the hard way
as I was grabbing additional packages). If you'll probably want to run
X-windows too, /var should at the very least be larger than 200MB to
accommodate lots of .debs (I personally try to reserve at least 1GB of
/var for servers and workstations).

Good luck,

Erik Abella

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