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Remote Resue Disk

Hi all,

I was about to develop my own "Remove Rescue Disk)... but thought maybe
you had a better idea or had already done this...

Regularly if the hard disk fails or needs a manual fsck (usually just
pressing y throughout), then it means a trip to the datacenter at whatever
ungodly hour it may be for this relatively simple task.

If it was possible to create a boot disk with a simple telnetd (and
minimum network support) and static e2fsck utilities, then, in theory, all
that needs to be done is to insert the disk, reboot the server, and the
telnetd binds to a special, pre-defined IP just for this emergency
purpose. Then I can telnet in from home or wherever, run e2fsck, mount the
drives, see /var/log/syslog, etc. to see what went wrong. After the
repairs, the disk can be removed, and server rebooted.

Does this sound realistic? Even if 2 disks or even 3 were required, if it
means I can save a trip to the datacenter it would be worthwhile to do.

Perhaps you guys have thought of something similar, or maybe there already
IS something like this out there? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly


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