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Re: one mail server, several domains

On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Pedro Braga wrote:

> Thanks Hirling for the response! But I started to work and I put my Sendmail
> doing it!
> Solution: virtusertable!
> (it was not so complicated to find the answare as soon as I went from
> sendmail.com to sendmail.org)

indeed, with m4 configuration, sendmail isn't quite the bitch it used to
be ;-)

> By the way, what is, in your opinion, the advantages from one mail server over
> the other (and vice-versa)!
> I'm using Sendmail but I didn't try Exim!!
> I've just read the description from exim:
> ----------
>   ....
>  Advanced features include the ability to reject connections from
>  known spam sites, and an extremely efficient queue processing
>  algorithm.
> ---------

sendmail has excellent spam protection (read up on dsnrbl and access_db)
and with recent (8.12.0.Beta) series - has great queueing, allowing
one to split mail across queues and do parallel delivery.

> What do you recomend?

I smell yet another mta war comming ;-)  I don't do those, but will
simply mention that with a turing complete language, *ANYTHING* can
be done in sendmail - the simple simply, the complex - well, complexly.

PS. an apropos fortune !
Rick Nelson
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