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Re: off site assistance

On Thursday 01 January 1970 01:00, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
> I am blind and work in a small data center.
> Since I can't read screens I need to get sighted people to read for me.
> I know what I'm doing on the systems but need readers to tell me whats
> happening.
> I'm looking for suggested hardware to allow me to easily in realtime
> send the screen images from the console screen to a remote user so they
> can read it for me or just tell me the keystrokes to do.
> I need at least 640.b480 but would like 1024x768 resolution and 30fps.
> 4 or 5 fps would do really for this application.
> remember this has to be usable for only one screen but that screen gets
> connected to many systems during its lifetime.

Have you considered a braille terminal?  I used to work with a blind 
colleague who had a braille terminal on his AIX machines.  He worked 
independantly as an AIX administrator and was able to read the braille 
surprisingly quickly (faster than some sighted people can read printed 

I was looking at a Linux braille interface in the hopes of getting my 
colleague to use Linux instead, but then my contract ended and I didn't 
get back to it.

It seems that there is no suitable Braille code in Linux at the moment 
unfortunately.  Is someone interested in maintaining it?

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