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Re: Re[2]: disk partition schemes

On Friday 22 June 2001 16:39, Kevin J. Menard, Jr. wrote:
> Friday, June 22, 2001, 9:17:12 AM, you wrote:
> RC> On Friday 15 June 2001 16:13, Kevin J. Menard, Jr. wrote:
> >>     This system would be used mostly for web-hosting, so I was
> >> figuring a large /home partition.  Likewise only one or two kernels
> >> max, so I figured a small /boot.  And finally, and this is really
> >> where I'm
> RC> Why do you need a separate partition for /boot?  Why not just have
> it in RC> the root fs?
> Dunno.  Figured for disk failure or something.

What exactly will that save you from?  If the root FS gets messed up then 
having a separate /boot won't gain you much...

> >> looking for help, it will be used as an IMAP/SMTP machine.  So,
> >> should I create a separate /var partition?  I'm hesitant because I
> >> don't want to a) not create a large enough partition, or b) create
> >> too large of
> RC> I suggest having your email stored on the same file system as
> /home. RC> Then you have all of your customer data on the same file
> system for easy RC> backup.  Also it saves juggling space.
> Would a symlink from /var to /home/var be sufficient?

I suggest creating /home/mail and linking /var/spool/mail to it.  However 
if you want decent performance for email you want to use Maildir.  By 
default maildir storage goes into user's home directories which solves 
this issue.

> >> one and waste space.  Do the performance gains outweigh this?  (I'm
> >> not terribly worried about the redundancy with the RAID 10 and all).
> RC> What performance gains are you referring to?
> Any that might occur from having separate partitions.

If you have two partitions on the same physical media (in this case a 
RAID-10) then expect to lose performance.  If you make it all one large 
partition then the file system drivers can optimise things more.

> So, if you recommend /boot be with / and /var with /home, why not just
> have / and everything in there?  Is this reliable enough?  Today's hard

I recommend having a separate /home to limit the things that can go 
wrong.  I recommend leaving /var on the root file system unless you need 
a lot of space in /var.  Also consider a separate file system for 
/var/tmp and make /tmp a sym-linke to /var/tmp/tmp .

> drives have come a long way, and with a RAID 10, would I be safe in
> doing this?  Or should I just have a coulple gig / and the rest for
> /home?

RAID has no relevance to the issue of partitioning in this sense.

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