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Re: Finding the Bottleneck


The network is connected via 100Mb to a switch, so server to server
connections would be at that limit. Even 10Mb wouldn't be a problem as I
don't think that much data would be crossing the cable.. would it?

As for the "single machine" issue, that would depend. If you're talking
about either getting a couple of SCSI disks, putting them on a hardware
raid, or getting an additional small server just for the queue, then I
think the cost would end up approximately the same. This client doesn't
have the cash for a huge upgrade, but something moderate would be okay.

BTW, just to clarify for people who are not familar with qmail, qmail
stores outgoing email in a special queue, not in Maildir. Only incoming
mail is stored in Maildir. The Maildirs are actually stored on Disk 1
(along with the operating system and everything else except the queue). I
know Maildir can be put in a NFS disk... BUT i've never heard of anyone
putting the mail queue on NFS, so I'm not sure if the file locking issues
you mention would pertain to that as well.


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On Friday 08 June 2001 10:49, Brian May wrote:
>     Russell> If the NFS server has the same disk system then you will
>     Russell> only make things worse.  Anything you could do to give
>     Russell> the NFS server better IO performance could more
>     Russell> productively be done to the main server.  Also many of
>     Russell> the common Unix mail server programs are specifically
>     Russell> designed to have the queue on a local file system with
>     Russell> standard Unix semantics (Inode numbers etc).  Qmail is
>     Russell> one mail server that I have found to not work with it's
>     Russell> queue on NFS, I haven't seriously tried any others.  I've
>     Russell> CC'd Brian May because he does a lot more NFS stuff with
>     Russell> Debian than most people and he may be able to advise you.
> It depends on how much you want to share via NFS, what speed/type
> network you have, etc.

Jason has previously stated that he only wants a single machine and wants
things to be as cheap as possible.

> The idea of putting any queue on NFS is generally discouraged (due to
> file locking issues). Maildir is one exception to this rule.

Maildir != queue...

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