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Re: Sendmail vs. ?

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 01:18:41PM -0400, Richard A Nelson wrote:
> I guess my thoughts are:
>   1) Let me know what sendmail can do to help
>   2) If you want to switch, check to see if you've got anything tricky
>      in your rules - you *WILL* loose functionality with any other MTA
>      (turing complete control language).  If you've a fairly genereric
>      sendmail.mc - you're probably ok

 This is not true, Exim allows much more flexibility with configuration,
 sendmail cannot handle seperate virtual domains (i.e. user@abc.com is
 not the same as user@xyz.com) which is very usefull when running, for
 instance, web-based email services, and you don't want the usernames
 for it to conflict with your shell accounts on another domain, same server.

>   3) I've heard (no experience) that Postfix is probably the easiest migration

 It seems that you've had little experience with anything but sendmail,
 so you're opinion may be rather biased. 
  I have used sendmail, exim, postfix and qmail and I think that exim and 
 postfix are very good, high performance yet easily configurable and 
 maintainable mail servers. Qmail I here gives better performance, but 
 it's a hassle to maintain. 

 I migrated from sendmail to exim and it was extremely easy (thanks to
 exim's amble documentation). 

  Nick Jennings

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