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Re[2]: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

Hey Haim,

Thursday, June 28, 2001, 4:42:46 PM, you wrote:

HD> Kevin,

>> If you apply Dave Fuchs' patch to make a '.' a valid character (but making '/'
>> and invalid one), then that becomes a valid Cyrus username.  Search the Cyrus
>> IMAP mailing list archives for it.  He sent it out for 2.0.14 some time last
>> week when I requested it (but I don't have it on me here) :)

HD>  So using that patch makes the "." part of a valid username. What do I do
HD> about the '@' in the email address?

AFAIK, the '@' is already a valid character in the Cyrus mailbox namespace.

"Taken from an email to the cyrus list:

cyrus-imapd-2.0.12 - imap/mboxname.c - line #187:

I believe this is what you're looking for...

#define GOODCHARS " 

-David Fuchs"

Technically, the '.' is already a legal character in mailbox names, but it does
something funky (I don't recall quite what it is/was), but the patch curbs that

HD>  Thanks a lot (especially for answering so fast)

Np.  I've been doing a lot of research into this lately.  You caught me at a
good time ;)

Btw, I have to agree with the LDAP recommendation.


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