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Re: WAN Adapters...Wan in general

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 06:08:17PM +0000, Alex wrote:
> A question to you all:
> Now, as far as ive gotten by my research, one needs to buy a WAN card
> that understands the HDLC protocol or the SyncPPP protocol (depending on
> your provider). Ive foung at least three that run under linux.....
> Now something made me nervous.... my provider said he can get me a V.35
> line or a g207 line (i dont know what does that mean), i cant find docs
> on bridging from this kind of interface to ethernet.

I believe you're talking about a T1/E1 link. Basically, the telco
brings you the T1/E1 trunk. Then, depending on the country/operator,
they provide you with a CSU/DSU, or not.

It they do, the CSU/DSU will provide a sync serial port, either V35 or
X21. V35 should be avoided, connectors are ugly and expensive, X21 is
OK. Then you'll need a sync board with a matching serial interface
(see below).

If they don't, they provide you a basic G703 T1 or E1 line. You have
either to buy a CSU/DSU, or to use a board that doesn't require
one. In this case, your board will connect directly to the 4 telco
wires, using (usually) an RJ45 plug.

Such board (with or without CSU/DSU) exist for Linux. Try :
www.sangoma.com, www.etinc.com, etc.

Axialys Interactive

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