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Re[2]: Virtual Domains Email: How do you do it?

Hey Haim,

Thursday, June 28, 2001, 5:16:05 PM, you wrote:

>> HD>  So using that patch makes the "." part of a valid username. What do I do
>> HD> about the '@' in the email address?
>> AFAIK, the '@' is already a valid character in the Cyrus mailbox namespace.

HD>  Great!

HD>  Now I have another question :-)) How do I manage to tell Postfix to treat
HD> "john@example.com" as a local username?

HD>  What I mean by that is that right now I have translation done at the
HD> virtual table level under Postfix. john@example.com becomes something else
HD> (john~example.com let's say). I want to tell Postfix to accept all mails for
HD> john@example.com and "relay" them to Cyrus. Since Cyrus will have a
HD> user.john@example.com, everything should be good.

I haven't done this all out myself yet, but I have an itching feeling that
postfix is gonna strip everything off after the '@', '@' inclusive.  I could be
wrong though, it may just pass it over the lmtp socket, though I doubt it.  So,
you'll more than likely still need some sort of transport map.  That could all
be held in LDAP though, if you were willing to set it up, so the administration
of the maps would be quite trivial.  Like I said, I haven't done this much yet

HD>  Please tell me if I am confusing you. I really wonder how I can achieve the
HD> result I want.

Nope, it's exactly what I wanted too :-P

>> Btw, I have to agree with the LDAP recommendation.

HD> P.S. : I agree 100%. I have no experience with LDAP and right now I really
HD> don't have the time. It will come, just not yet.

Too bad.  It'd be a very nice addition :)


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